Sortiment nástrojů pro třískové obrábění


Akční nabídka WIDIA

Akční nabídka WIDIA


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Akční nabídka

Akční nabídka

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Požadavky na renovaci nástrojů

Požadavky na renovaci nástrojů

Požadavky na renovaci nástrojů - ke stažení

publikováno: 20. 1. 2022

Professional implements, tools, and services since 1991

CKP headquarters
CKP Chrudim a.s. - Headquarters

CKP Chrudim a.s. is a Czech trading and manufacturing company developing its activities in the field of machine engineering on the Czech and Slovak markets for more than thirty years. The team consists of 65 skilled employees and 16 specialists who operate on the whole territory of the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia and guarantee top quality of provided services. The company specializes mainly in cutting operations implementing new progressive technology in connection with close cooperation by solving problems directly at the customer's place. In 2003 we started production of special as well as standard tools together with successive renovation and treatment.

CKP production center
CKP Chrudim a.s. -Production center

We offer as follows

  • 30 years of knowledge of Czech and Slovak market
  • long experience in the field of cutting procedure
  • complete customer's and technological service
  • financially stable and independent Czech company
  • experienced team of specialists

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Operation Area CKP Chrudik